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Old habits die hard

US imports of oil peaked in 2004 when it bought 3.8 billion barrels of crude. For that it paid $132 billion at an average of $34.50 per barrel.

Last year the US bought 3.4 billion barrels for $252 billion paying $74.70 for each barrel.

So far this year, the average price per barrel has been $95.35.

Very hard to get out of recession when this is happening.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Iron Lady

A great irony about Gillard’s travails with the carbon tax is that in 2010 she knew it was too difficult a task to be a pragmatic course to take. Correctly, she judged that winning the political argument about Climate Change was a huge ask when a populist like Tony Abbott was leading the opposition.

Hence her cautious idea for a Citizen’s Assembly to be the mechanism by which a “deep and lasting community consensus” could be arrived at. She was derided by Greens for lacking courage and conviction. She was told to lead not follow.

However a hung parliament forced her to go down this road anyway.

Julia Gillard now has the most important fight of her life. What better time could she choose to be leader than today when she is charged with carrying responsibility for the greatest challenge we face?

Gillard is playing her part and so the Greens must back her to the hilt. There is plenty of heavy lifting for all to share. She and this legislation are our best hope right now. The polls mean nothing. We have a chance to get Climate Change legislation through the Australian parliament. That is historic.

Blaming Gillard for Labor's present poor polling is avoiding the fact that Climate Change reform is a herculean task while the Liberals, the popular press and most major industry is against it.

If this reform was easy global CO2 levels would already be dropping. They are still going up. In the USA, Obama doesn't have enough political capital to even mention the subject in passing.

(The UK is different because it has become a bi-partisan issue for the moment.)

Another theory bites the dust

And the theories keep coming!

First the CPRS was lamented as not being good enough.

Then we were told that the electorate had soured on the ALP because it had ditched the CPRS.

Then we were told that the polls were bad because Labor couldn’t release the detail on the Carbon Tax.
Eg Ross Peake writing in the Canberra Times.
For months, the PM has given Tony Abbott a free kick by unveiling a pseudo plan, a principle without details, allowing him to promote guesstimates.

For months we were told that Labor's political problems were caused by a "lack of detail" around the carbon tax.

Perhaps there is too much detail now? Labor's primary vote has fallen through the floor to 26 per cent.

So we come to today's theory that the polls are really bad because Gillard is the problem. Apparently Combet or Shorten or the Drover's Dog could sell a Carbon Tax.

When will it be understood that implementing meaningful action on Global Warming is the most difficult political task since federation. Labor would have been destroyed in a double dissolution in 2010. For the exact same political reasons that now see its primary vote at 26%.

Gillard is doing a great job. What we need is a price on carbon. We might just get one.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

They said it

Ken Lovell July 24, 2010
can someone remind me what awful things Abbott will do that Labor won’t